Gonorrhea Herbal Cure



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Gonorrhea Infection Medicine solution Syphilis Treatment Liquid Genital Herpes Remove Balanitis Red Antibacterial Remove Odor Men
Note: This product without packaging box and manual. For details, please refer to the product instructions on the details page.

Product Manual
[Product] Male private parts care solution

[Specifications] 30ml

[For people]
Suitable for gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, purulent herpes, balanitis, red and white spots on the glans, white secretions, and external genital infections caused by sexually transmitted viruses

1. Our products have been registered by the State Food and Drug Administration, with quality assurance, and use with confidence
2. This product is specifically for venereal diseases. It is a nano-concentrated molecule extracted from Chinese herbal medicine, which can penetrate into the skin, kill potential bacteria and viruses, and is safe and non-toxic side effects

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Gonorrhea Herbal Cure