About S7 Wellness ?

S7 Wellness is Nigeria’s leading online herbal & organic store. We offer premium natural herbal supplements, tonic for ulcer, diabetes, heart, piles, digestion, stress and others.

From our Founder
“The great thing about herbal products is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.”
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Our Story
Nigeria's First Modern Holistic Herbal Brand, delivering innovative solutions to Nigerians.

Our brand name and formulations amalgamate the knowledge of modern research in dietary supplements and the traditional wisdom of Nigerian system of medicine- herbal. S7 Wellness’s innovative formulations are supported by knowledge and established trust which Baidyanath – pioneers in herbal formulations, has accumulated since 1990.

S7 Wellness will provide you solutions for digestive issues, bone and joint care, arthritis, hair & skin health, sexual wellness, immunity, urinary & kidney healthy, liver health etc. and address ways for you to be fit body, mind and soul.

Natural & Safe
No Side effects
Pure. No Heavy Metals

Our Roots

S7 Wellness was conceptualized to deliver 100% vegetarian, as close to nature, non-prescription formulas driven by innovation & clinical validation. Inheriting a 100 year old legacy in herbal research enables us to develop a range especially suited for Nigerian needs while being globally competitive in safety & performance.

Carefully Crafted Remedies

Clean, Green & Sustainable

Plant-based Formulations.

We Promise. We deliver.

Our knowledge & use of premium botanicals & phyto-ingredients is unparalleled. The alchemy of herbs requires precision, years of practice and a perfect understanding of interaction & synergy among ingredients We provide safe, researched therapies and solutions –no side effects, no habit forming formulas and no short cuts.

What Our Customers Say

I truly thank S7 Wellness as I was battling with fibroid and I don't want to undergo through the operation treatment. I am taking the herbal medicine from past 3 months of and now I am totally fine. Long live S7!!!
Mariam A.
After consulting S7 and the medicine they recommends to me are absolutely fantastic they actually knows how to determine the root cause of the problem and give me the accurate medications also these medicines are herbal with no side effect.
Ebere M.
I was suffering from very chronic pile. I tried many medicines but it didn't work effectively. Than one day I was surfing YouTube for how to treat pile and than I found this "s7 Wellness", i bought the pile cure product and it has helped me immensely.
Babatunde D.
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