S7 Pile Hemorrhoids Herbal Control



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👨‍⚕️Without Surgery👩‍⚕️Hemorrhoids Spray Original 30ml Herbal Medicine Natural Ingredients Painlessly shrinks swollen hemorrhoid tissue Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory Hemorrhoid remover Hemorrhoids Cream Hemorrhoids Miracle Ointment.
👨‍⚕️Name: Hemorrhoid spray
👨‍⚕️Specification: 30ml
👨‍⚕️Shelf life: 3 years
👨‍⚕️Store: Store in a cool dry place
👨‍⚕️Solve problems: unbearable pain, itching, swelling, rectal bleeding, constipation and other hemorrhoid problems
👨‍⚕️How to use: After daily cleaning, directly use this product to spray the required parts, and use it several times a day as needed.


S7 Pile Hemorrhoids control works by shrinking the distended
veins in and around the anal cavity Provides soothing relief to the
sensitive area of the anus. Supports vein and capillary health of the
anal passage Promotes smooth evacuation of feces. Suitable for
suffering from hemorrhoids Antibacterial, has a strong inhibitory
effect and can help relieve itching, burning, pain or discomfort
caused by hemorrhoids.

100% Guaranteed safe and effective HERBAL herbal hemorrhoid spray Relieve itching, burning of hemorrhoids ​without surgery hemorrhoid miracle cream hemorrhoids miracle ointment almoranas remover herbal hemorrhoids spray for almoranas

What this product can offer you is to relieve burning pain, itchy, swelling and external discomfort of hemorrhoids, it can also prevent anal fissure, to calm and clean inflamed parts, and to cool it for providing a long lasting comfortable feel.
Comes with spray design which will be convenient to operate without directly contacting with hemorrhoids, it can prevent dirt or impurity from hurting it and keep it clean, the natural herbal ingredients can fast repair the inflamed parts and healthy to absorb.
By making with natural herbal extracts, this hemorrhoid spray is non-irritating and safe to use.
The length of the product is 10.7cm, the width is 3cm.
It is suitable for treat external hemorrhoids, anal fissure and other forms of anal discomfort and to prevent hemorrhoids.

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S7 Pile Hemorrhoids Herbal Control