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The S7 Lungs Detox Tea addresses all areas of lung health; from detoxification & cleansing, to comfortable breathing & daily support.

Lungs & Anti Smoke Detox Tea

Breathe better, and feel your best.

Our goal is to ensure that your lungs are operating at their maximum peak performance. Improve your overall endurance with S7’s Lung detox tea. Clinically tested ingredients with healing benefits to increase the lung elasticity allowing more oxygen in your lungs. 

No Chemicals

No Gluten

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Detoxify your lungs from pollution & smoke

With the increase in traffic, the amount of pollution and smoke has intensified. As we breathe the same polluted air, our lungs get severely affected. We have no way of escaping the polluted air. However, there sure are other ways to ensure healthy and free-breathing lungs.

For active life, a body free of diseases is necessary

The awareness regarding health is on the rise. Many people indulge in yoga, swimming, sports, gym, and other such activities to keep themselves fit and healthy. However, the internal well-being is necessary to make sure we are completely fit. Lung detox relieves you of lungs related problems.







When does my lung get affected if I smoke daily?

  • Researchers say that people who smoke five cigarettes a day are doing almost as much damage to their lungs as people who smoke 30 cigarettes a day.
  • They say it takes “light” smokers about 1 year to develop as much lung damage as “heavy” smoking does in 9 months.
  • They note that a lighted cigarette releases 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are considered to be cancer-causing substances.

Smoking five or fewer cigarettes a day can cause almost as much damage to your lungs as smoking two packs a day.
That’s according to a recent study from Columbia University that examined the lung function of 25,000 people, including smokers, ex-smokers, and those who have never smoked.
The researchers reported that “light” smokers who smoke five or fewer cigarettes a day had a decline in lung function that was similar to people who smoke more than 30 cigarettes a day.
They concluded it would take a light smoker 1 year to lose the same amount of lung function a heavy smoker would lose in 9 months.


Look younger and feel your best with our anti-aging properties – an absolute must-have for a healthy lifestyle. Meadbery’s Lung detox boosts metabolism and energy, promotes heart and brain health, reduces inflammation and stress, promotes healthy immune response and wellness, helps vision, digestion and bone strength. It’s your time to feel good.

Smoggy cities are making us prone to diseases

Our Clinically proven ingredients with healing benefits increase the lung elasticity allowing more oxygen in your lungs. It’s time to get active again, breathe better and feel your best. Our goal is ensuring that your lungs are operating at their maximum peak performance.

We have only one pair of lungs – nurturing them is important

Improve your overall endurance with Meadbery’s Lung detox. Our ingredients are multi-faceted and will help in the overall improvement of your bodily functions. The natural energizers used in our supplement boost strength and performance by increasing the body’s oxygen-carrying capacity.


Aids in Free Breathing

The one thing that we should be doing effortlessly is breathing. In case you have problems doing it, then it’s time to reconsider your daily habits and supplement intake.

Supports Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Functions

These are the main parts of the human breathing system and it is of utmost importance that they work correctly. Lung detox has ingredients that make breathing an easier process for people who had started feeling it be tiresome.


Lung detox will detoxify your lungs from all the harmful pollutants and smoke which act as hindrances in the process of breathing.

Relieves Lung Congestion

Pollution, smoking, and allergies are the main causes of lung congestion. Lung detox’ ingredients such as Piper Nigrum Extract, Echinacea, Quercetin, and Sting Nettle have properties that relieve lung congestion.

Purifies the Lungs

Years of breathing polluted air and certain bad habits such as smoking toxifies your lungs.Your lungs become a hub for polluted air and smoke which can have fatal effects.Lung detox cleanses and purifies such lungs and helps to make breathing effortless as it’s supposed to be.

Fights Cough & Respiratory Infections

Accumulation of pollutants and smoke in the lungs over the course of years can have lifetime damaging effects on our bodies. Consistent coughing and respiratory infections are symptoms that should not be avoided.

Why you need to detox

As one of the hardest-working organs in the body, the lungs are essential for maintaining normal functions of the respiratory system and keeping us alive. Their main roles include transporting oxygen throughout our bodies and removing extra carbon dioxide. That’s why cleansing your lungs and occasionally doing a lung detox are great ideas.

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, chronic coughs, mucus production or wheezing, there’s a chance your lungs are struggling. In fact these are among the most common early warning signs of lung diseases.

Is it possible to cleanse the lungs? The lungs actually have the ability to clean and heal themselves — as long as they are given proper nutrients, clean air and water and are not exposed to irritants and pollutants on an ongoing basis.

This means that to detox the lungs it’s important to give up smoking, pay attention to air quality, and remove allergens and other chemicals from your home. While it’s still possible to develop a lung disease even if you take these steps, they can greatly improve how well your lungs work into older age.


S7 Lungs Detox Tea

What Is a Lung Detox ?

A “lung detox” is a natural herbs tea that’s intended to help reverse damage to the lungs. In some cases, lung cleanses are also used to help improve breathing and reduce symptoms like coughing.

Who can benefit from a lung detox? People who are most likely to experience improvements in lung function and overall respiratory health by doing a lung cleanse include:

  • Smokers who use cigarettes, smoke marijuana or use vapes.
  • Those who are exposed to air pollution, chemicals, gases and irritants that can harm the lungs, such as chlorine, phosgene, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ammonia.
  • Those who have health conditions that impact the respiratory system, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis or interstitial lung disease (an “umbrella term” for a large group of disorders that cause scarring or fibrosis of the lungs).
  • Those with lung cancer.

What Does it do?

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Lotus Rhizome

Grape Seed

Piper Nigrum

Stinging Nettle




Suffer No More!

Say goodbye Damaged Lungs with 100% Natural Herbal Cure!

Other features

  • NATURAL LUNG HEALTH SUPPORT – BetterLungs Detox Tea is a pharmacist-formulated tea that provides a natural blend of herbs that can help support respiratory health and promote easier breathing. Our herbal tea contains Mullein Leaf, Thyme, Elderberry, Ginseng, and Ginger. It is caffeine-free, making it a safe option for those with respiratory issues or allergies.
  • SOOTHE COUGHS & RESPIRATORY ISSUES – Mullein Leaf is traditionally used to free mucus buildup and clear your airways. It also helps soothe a sore throat. Our unique blend of herbs supports lung cleanse and mucus detox, providing much-needed congestion relief.
  • CAFFEINE-FREE, RICH FORMULA – Our all-natural herbal tea blend is designed to support your body’s natural defenses, with ingredients like American Ginseng that can help strengthen your overall health and wellbeing. Featuring Elderberry and Ginger, BetterLungs Tea has a formula rich in compounds that help combat harmful free radicals. This lung support tea can help protect your respiratory health and promote overall wellness.
  • BREATHE EASY TEA – The natural blend of ingredients in BetterLungs tea promotes respiratory health and easier breathing, supporting lung function. Whether you’re trying to maintain a healthy respiratory system, boost your natural defense system, or just enjoy a cup of herbal tea blend, BetterLungs tea is for you.
  • 15 TEA BAGS FOR EASY USE – BetterLungs Tea comes in a convenient box that includes 15 individual tea bags, making it easy to enjoy on-the-go or at home. The tea bags are pre-portioned to ensure consistent and delicious flavor in every cup. BetterLungs Tea is a tasty and caffeine-free alternative to traditional caffeinated beverages that can be enjoyed daily.

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