Collagen benefits before and after - Benefits of Collagen in Skin Care

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 Benefits of Collagen in Skin Care

As we grow older, our body can no longer produce the same proteins compared to when we were younger. The most obvious sign of getting older are seen in the skin. Aging causes skin to have poor elasticity, and our skin becomes dry and wrinkled.
But many years have been spent researching the effectiveness of collagen treatments to improve the quality of aging skin.

The use of collagen in skin care was started in the 1990s. Scientists first used collagen obtained from fish by-products and fish skins. This was then further improved with special filtering that enhanced the results of collagen treatments. This method produced a more potent formula and has since been used in many cosmetic products.
Today, collagen is used in the field of cosmetic surgery. Collagen is used for its restorative powers with burn patients, bone reconstruction, dental, and other orthopedic process. However, it has also been found to be an effective beauty treatment, restoring youth to aging skin.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is found in mammals. It is one of the most abundant proteins found mainly in the connective tissues. The skin, ligaments and tendons contain large amounts of collagen. For the skin, collagen helps maintain the elasticity; reduced collagen leads to wrinkles due to aging.
Collagen is an important component of many structures in the body. In fact, the eye's cornea is filled by collagen. Aside from those mentioned above, collagen is also found in muscle tissues. Even in the food industry, gelatin is made from collagen.
The structure is made up of amino acids, which are the end products of protein. Unlike other types of proteins, hydroxyprolin and hydroxysilizin are only found in collagen. The amino acids have carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, all of which are essential to life. When they are all joined together, they form chains of super helixes which make an important part of every organism.

Is Collagen beneficial to the skin?

No matter what your skin type is, collagen helps to retain moisture. It improves hydration and helps slow down the development of wrinkles. It can provide the proper nourishment that your skin needs especially with today's lifestyle. Stress and pollution are just some of the realities of today that have contributed in hastening the aging process.
However, studies show that topical collagen (that is, collagen that is used in creams and lotions and applied directly to the skin) does not work. In order to improve the look and feel of your skin and combat the aging process, you must use a formulation that will actually make your skin produce greater quantities of its own collagen.

Here are other benefits of using collagen:

  • It rejuvenates aging skin
  • Great for toning and moisturizing the skin
  • Delays the effects of aging
  • Improves skin pigmentation, elasticity, and immunology
  • Hair and nail rejuvenation
  • Beneficial for after shaving
  • Treats several skin problems including scarring
  • For fractures, it aids in the process of bone formation
  • For those with osteoporosis, wherein the bones have become brittle and prone to fracture, the collagen can restore the bone density
  • It lessens swelling
  • It improves eyesight
Collagen for skin care is definitely a proven and effective way of skin care treatment. Collagen delays the aging process resulting in younger looking skin. Products like Kollagen Intensiv which is a wrinkle cream will help your body create the levels of collagen required for firmer, younger-looking skin.