5 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Safe From Harm

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5 Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Safe From Harm

Kidneys are one of the most delicate and vulnerable organs inside a human body. Kidneys start losing their functionality once a human body becomes 35 years old. Their filtration capacity naturally starts declining at a steady rate. In fact, a recent report reveals that kidney functions decrease by 10% with every decade after a person enters his 30s. As a result, kidneys also become highly susceptible to various diseases at later stages in life.
Although it's true that your kidneys will start failing slowly, there are ways by which you can lower the damage rate. Therefore, it is important for you to consider some useful tips to keep prevent developing kidney diseases.
#1. Drink lots of Water: 
You need to drink as much water as possible. It will not only help your body stay hydrated, but also motivate the kidneys to clear every toxin. Moreover, this will help you control your body temperature, decrease indigestion, and support blood volume. Therefore, it is important that you drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
#2. Avoid Smoking and Drinking: 
Smoking is extremely harmful for health, and although it does not affect the kidneys directly, it reduces kidney function significantly. Excessive alcohol consumption can disrupt a body's hormonal control and electrolyte balance. These disruptions also affect the kidneys very badly, and they will gradually weaken your kidney's power.
#3. Reduce your Salt Intake: 
I'm sure you know that salt is responsible for increasing the amount of sodium in a diet. Excessive salt in a diet can make you suffer from high blood pressure. You can also become a victim of more harmful cases like formation of kidney stones. This is the reason you should cut your salt intake.
#4. Go for Daily Exercises: 
Recent researches show that obesity and overweight are major issues behind kidney problems. If you are overweight or suffering from obesity, then your kidney functionality will decrease at a more rapid scale. Therefore, you must exercise regularly (even if it is light scale) to lose weight or keep it in check.
#5. Don't Resist to Urinate: 
This is a very common practice, mostly seen in women. They are usually cautious about hygiene, and therefore, resist the urge to urinate unless they find a clean toilet. They do not understand that resisting this urge puts a tremendous pressure on their urinary bladders and kidneys. They should urinate more often to make sure their kidneys are safe from harm.